MVL Champion

High flying Division 2!

After more than a month without any competition, I took part in the second Champions Chess Tour online tournament, from May 8 to 14. The formula is a little complex: after a preliminary round in the form of an open (the « Play In »), the best players have access ...
Mvl - Grenke Chess

Slow Rapid or fast Classical?

A few weeks ago, the sponsor of my German team in Baden-Baden sent me an invitation to a prestigious tournament that I had no reason to decline! So I arrived in Karlsrühe the day before the tournament straight from Austria, where I'd played the final games of the Austrian Team ...

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  • I’M BACK!

    A year in the doldrums until the summer, despite three team titles (French champion with Asnières, Austrian champion with Linz, and German champion with Baden-Baden!). September, on the other hand, saw a thunderous comeback, with a victory at the Tata Steel India, and a mythical comeback at the AI Cup online (Maxime won two consecutive matches of 4 and 2 games against Carlsen!).

  • Bucarest!

    Maxime is back on the winning track at a major Elite tournament, winning the first Grand Chess Tour event in the Romanian capital. He took the title by a whisker, thanks in particular to two victories with black at the very end of the tournament (against Rapport and Firouzja), then two wins in the tie-breaks (against So and Aronian).

  • World Blitz champion

    A good second place won at the Candidates’ Tournament certainly did not prevent Maxime from feeling the bitterness of having come so close to a World Championship match against Carlsen. The penultimate day of the year 2021 will certainly have put a smile on his face, thanks to the World Blitz title won in Warsaw – with style!

  • Leading the Candidates


    The year 2020 will be remembered for the worldwide coronavirus pandemic that put chess competitions on hold. Stopped in the middle at the end of March, the Candidates Tournament will have resumed and qualified the Russian Ian Nepomniachtchi for the world championship match only in April 2021. On the occasion of this unique suspension in the annals of the discipline, Maxime will have had the privilege to be the leader of the tournament for thirteen long months.

  • World#1 in rapid and blitz

    After winning the rapid and blitz tournament in Paris, and finishing 2nd both in Saint Louis and Abidjan, Maxime is World #1 in the blitz rating and the rapid rating. He finished 3rd in the World Cup and 2nd in the Grand Chess Tour Final, after winning against world champion Magnus Carlsen in the semi-final.

  • 2nd of the Grand Chess Tour

    Following a remarkable run, Maxime ends up in second place of the professional circuit, behind world champion Magnus Carlsen. He gets his first victory in an absolute top tournament, the prestigious Sinquefield Cup in Saint-Louis (Usa), scoring in the process a nice win with black against Carlsen.

  • World number 2

    Following his wins in the legendary tournaments of Dortmund in June and Biel in July, Maxime is ranked #2 in the world. He’ll keep this ranking from August to October 2016.

  • World Blitz vice-Champion

    Maxime is 24 years old. He leaves the eastern parisian suburbs where he grew up and moves to the center of Paris. In October in Berlin, he shows his worth in rapid games: he leads right up to the end, when Alexander Grischuk snaps the title.

  • World Cup

    After winning against the strong IGM Dominguez, Gelfand and Caruana, Maxime pulls himself up to the semi-final and loses in tie-break to Vladimir Kramnik who would go on to win the event.

  • Wijk aan zee

    First appearance in the legendary Tata Steel tournament in Wijk aan zee (Netherland), ending with a promising 5th place. He draws against Magnus Carlsen, the World number one.

  • European blitz champion

    At the start of the summer following his obtaining mathematics bachelor degree, Maxime decides to become a professional player. In December, he wins the European blitz championship in Warsaw, a feat he will accomplish again at the same location in 2012.

  • Junior World Champion

    21 years after Joel Lautier’s win in Australia, Maxime brings back the U20 title in France after his win in the World championship played in Puerto Mardyn (Argentina).

  • French Chess Champion

    In June, Maxime obtains the Baccalauréat S (Mathematics and Science A-levels). A few weeks later, he becomes French Chess Champion, defeating Vladislav Tkachiev 3-1 in tie-break. He’ll go on to win the 2012 and 2014 editions.

  • International Grandmaster title

    Ranked 2nd in the Evry Open, Maxime achieves his 3rd International Grandmaster norm, earning him the title. On this occasion, Maxime becomes one of the youngest IGM ever.

  • Tennis

    The year when Roger Federer consolidates his grip on the tennis world, with 3 Grand Slam titles, and is number one at the ATP ranking. « Roger » becomes the sportsman role model for the teenager that is Maxime.

  • 2nd in the World Youth Chess Championship

    Maxime is not yet 13 when he becomes vice-champion U14 in Kallithea (Greece). It’s the first important result in a long string at international level.


  • Football

    Soccer fan, 9-year-old Maxime becomes a die-hard fan of Olympique Lyonnais, a team about to dominate french football for many years to come

  • Youth French Champion

    First in a series of four titles in the youth French championship, starting with an U8 title in Montluçon in 1997, and ending in 2004 in Reims with the U20 title, won when he was 13.

  • Birth

    Maxime was born on October the 21st in Nogent-sur-Marne, in the suburb of Paris. Four years later, he receives a chessboard as a Christmas gift, stimulating his vocation. Very soon, chess is turning into a passion.



Grand Chess Tour

Tournoi Classique avec Caruana, Nepo, Firouzja, So, Gukesh, Prag…

Bucharest (Roumanie)

10 - 14Jul2024

Grand Chess Tour

Rapid & Blitz tournament with Carlsen, Caruana, Nepo, Firouzja, So, Gukesh...

Zagreb (Croatia)

17 - 24Jul2024

Champions Chess Tour online

3rd tournament of the 2024 circuit

12 - 16Aug2024

Grand Chess Tour

Rapid & Blitz tournament with Carlsen, Caruana, Nepo, Firouzja, So, Gukesh...

St Louis (USA)

19 - 29Aug2024

Grand Chess Tour

Classical tournament with Caruana, Nepo, Firouzja, So, Gukesh, Prag...

St Louis (USA)

11 - 22Sep2024


Budapest (Hungary)



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