Chinese Portrait

As we begin year 2019, and waiting for the launch of Maxime’s sporting season, we asked him to answer a few questions, taken from the famous Proust Questionnaire, but also from more recent ones.

A little chinese portrait with no special ambition, which will nevertheless shed a different light on the french champion’s personnality.

My main character trait ?


The man’s quality I value most ?


The woman’s quality I value most ?

Honesty !

What I like most from my friends ?

Sense of humour.

My main default ?


My favourite pastime ?

Play chess !

The country where I would love to live ?

If I had to expatriate, I would choose an exotic destination, like Australia.

My favourite colour ?


My favourite writer ?

Victor Hugo.

My hero in real life ?

Nelson Mandela.

My heroin in real life ?

Mother Teresa.

My fictional male hero ?

Harry Potter.

My fictional female heroin ?

Lisa Simpson.

What I hate most ?

Hypocrisy and lies.

Historical figure I despise most ?


The reform I value most ?

The abortion law and Evin law (against smoking and advertising of alcohol -Ed.).

A gift of nature I would love to have ?

To be really good at maths.

How I would like to die ?

Doing what I love to do.

Mistakes I’m the most indulgent with ?

Those coming from unsuccessful attempts.

My favourite word ?

Win !

The word I hate most ?

Words that sound awkward, like chiasmus for instance !

My favourite drug ?


The sound/noise that I like ?


The sound/noise that I hate ?

The chalk on a blackboard, the jackhammer.

My favourite curse, dirty word or blasphemy ?

Fais chier !

The job I would hate having ?

Any repetitive job.

The plant, tree or animal I would like to be reincarnated in ?

An eagle.

If God exists, what would I like to hear from him after I die ?

gg wp !

If I were a french football team ?

Olympique Lyonnais.

If I were one of the Beatles ?

Ringo Starr.

If I were a scientific discovery ?

Newton laws.

If I were a winter Olympic town ?


If I were my favourite dish ?


If I were a sports commentator ?

The late Thierry Gilardi.

If I were a fashionable, though unbearable word .

S’enjailler. (recent neologism for « having much fun », -Ed.)

If I were a TV series ?

Breaking Bad.

If I had a super power ?

To fly.

And last question, If I were a song ?

« Here it goes again » – Ok Go.

Before his first tournament of the year (Gibraltar, January 22-31), Maxime played rounds 1 and 2 of the 2019 Pro Chess League. This online team competition organized by is getting bigger year after year. Maxime’s club, Marseilles Migraines, lost its first encounter against Amsterdam Mosquitoes, then drew the second one against Baden-Baden Snowballs. Two matches which allowed Maxime to test online streaming on his new channel, . We will come back later to this topic, which is a new way for him to share his passion and his current news with fans !

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