Sinquefield Cup winner!

Victory at the Sinquefield Cup!

This article will be very short, because the Sinquefield Cup being just over, I have to start the AIM US ...
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Montagnes russes

Roller coaster in Sochi

I arrived in Sochi on July 12, directly from the Grand Chess Tour in Zagreb. Etienne Bacrot, who was also ...
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Victoire ! (photo : Lennart Ootes).

The taste of victory

I have just arrived in Sochi for the World Cup, on the same plane from Moscow as my new compatriot ...
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Grand Chess tour

Back to the future

This month of June 2021 marked the great return of competitions, with notably the beginning of the Grand Chess Tour ...
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Crypto Cup

Tournaments are back, cryptocurrencies are in!

The Crypto Cup, the sixth tournament of the professional online circuit organised at the end of May and supported by ...
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Tournoi des candidats

Candidates: see you next time!

After more than a year of interruption, the Candidates' Tournament finally resumed on 19 April, right where it was interrupted, ...
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