Naka-Mvl, Speed chess 2018 (image

Beaten by mouse king

On October 11, I played the Speed Chess 2018 ¼ finals. Organized by, this knockout online tournament format is ...
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L’équipe de France.

So far and yet so close…

Ranked 7-9 on the starting list (with Armenia and England), the french team ended up 9th, but not without having ...
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Chess 960

My Chess960 debut

Every year in September, the Saint-Louis Chess Club organizes a « Champions Showdown ». For the 2018 edition, they had put together ...
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Devilish lizard!

On Wednesday, September 5, I took up a new challenge, against Komodo Monte Carlo, which uses auto-learning methods similar to ...
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Classement GCT 2018 (Visuel GCT).

9 draws and a ticket to London

It’s the first time in my life that I end up a tournament with all my games drawn! Certainly, this ...
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Cérémonie d’ouverture : vous ne verrez pas si souvent Maxime avec une cravate ! (Photo: GCT).

Saint-Louis Classic, so tight

Five draws out of five games for Maxime, in a very fierce tournament where noone has taken a clear lead ...
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